Technical Suit Policy


As from 01.01.2023, the use of “technical suits” for all swimmers aged 12 years and under will be prohibited, with the exception of swimmers participating at regional level and above, which will be at Head Coach discretion.

In addition, technical suits for all swimmers are not to be worn by any swimmer during training sessions, irrespective of age, unless specifically requested by their Coach.

We felt it important to set out the rationale behind the decision, which has led to similar decisions being made in both other Clubs and jurisdictions, most recently in Scotland:

  • First and foremost, the Coaching Team wish for the swimmer to be solely focused on the process of their training and technique. We wish for swimmers to feel and understand that it is their commitment and effort that makes a difference when they compete; not the equipment used or swimsuit worn by them. The use of technical suits to create enhanced performance through the use of equipment is a distraction from this process, and are therefore unhelpful
  • The primary focus of the Coaching Team in working with the younger swimmers is in learning the process of how to improve and their enjoyment of the sport and competition, with less emphasis on results.
  • The Coaching Team are committed to ensuring inclusivity and diversity for as many swimmers as possible. Technical suits are an expensive commitment, with a short shelf-life, and one younger swimmers will quickly grow out of. As a Club, we wish to remove pressure on swimmers and parents to purchase technical suits on the basis of the above.

Why January 2023?

The Club are mindful of the need for this decision to be phased in as opposed to being with immediate effect. The proposed timing coincides with a new year and ensures all swimmers have had several months of notice of the proposed change.  As from the 01.01.2023, it will apply as age on day to all swimmers.

What is Classed as a “Technical Suit”?

We will be looking to adopt the existence of the FINA approved symbol (as seen below) to determine is a costume falls into the category of “technical suit”. This is felt to be the simplest way for all to understand expectations. It is recognized there may be other “technical suits” which do not fall into this category, but we would ask and hope all members buy into the spirit of what the Club is seeking to achieve.




We thank you all in anticipation of your full support for this important step being taken in the best interests of all swimmers in the context of their long term swimming development journey.


Graham Nash, Head Coach on behalf of the Coaching Team & Karen Mee, Chairperson

June 2022