Fees & Membership

All members (swimmers, officials teachers, coaches and parents) need to pay an annual club membership fee and an annual ASA membership fee each calendar year. These fees are non refundable if a member leaves during the year.

In addition to this squad members pay a monthly fee.

Annual Membership Fees Cost
Swimmer £47.00

Click here for a PDF Membership Application Form

ASA Fees Cost
Cat 1 ( non competing squad members and all teaching members) £11.20
Cat 2 (competing squad members) £21.35
Cat 3 (non swimmers) £10.50

Monthly Squad Training Fee
Achievers 2 £57.00 
 Achievers 1 £68.00
  Development 3   £70.00
Development 2 £74.00
 Development 1  £76.00 
 Junior Performance
Senior Performance

Payment Policy

Squad fees must be paid by standing order with the swimmers name as reference.

Fees are paid for the provision of a place in squads and are calculated on costs over a twelve-month period, taking account of sessions ‘lost’ due to pool closures.

The Club is a non profit making organisation and has to pay it’s way.

There will be no concession for absence due to holidays regardless of the length.

It is assumed that all squad members will have a holiday/holidays at some time during the year. The cost calculations take account of this.

If a squad member is away for more than four weeks due to injury, ‘serious’ illness or other special circumstances then the parent or guardian may write to the Club asking that squad fees be waived for that period. The request will be considered at the next committee meeting. No immediate decision will be given.

When a member is promoted, the revised fee will be payable from the beginning of the next month. Immediately, if promotion is at the beginning of the month.

Anyone experiencing financial difficulty due to personal circumstances should contact the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer to explain the problem. Such matters will be treated in strictest confidence. In line with SwimMark the club has a hardship fund for such occassions.