Mission Statement

Our programme is based on every swimmer reaching his or her full potential in senior swimming inline with our LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) plan. In our training programme, we hope to provide a planned development of technique and fitness training that will equip all our swimmers to take part in a full senior programme. For this reason, young age group swimmers are restricted to relatively few sessions per week because we believe that the development of the young person should occur progressively and steadily. We try to avoid the “too much too soon” syndrome which we believe places too much pressure on young people. This philosophy of progressive development is pursued by most of the major swimming clubs in this and other leading swimming nations. We believe that there are many benefits to be gained from participation in organised sport and our objective is to provide a situation in which every member can achieve success and attain his/ her full potential as a swimmer and as a person. Success can be measured in many ways, not everyone can win medals, but everyone can achieve the satisfying feeling of success in the form of:

    Striving to improve performance. We place great importance on personal best times (PB’s)
    The development of skill and technique, which will promote progression
    The satisfaction of a job well done, an honest effort! Regular attendance at sessions and hard work produces a feeling of well being in knowing that you have done your best. “Be the best that you can be”.
    Representing your club or school in competitions at city, county and national level.
    Being a good club member, enjoying the feeling of belonging to a strong and successful club and knowing each one of you has contributed to that success.

Some of the more obvious benefits to be gained from participation in our training programme are:

    Physical fitness and a feeling of well being.
    Personal confidence which develops as a young person experiences success.
    A sense of discipline and a positive attitude which will carry over into other aspects of life.
    Social benefits to be gained from meeting with people from many different areas of this and other countries.
    The ability to accept and deal with both success and failure.
    The enjoyment to be gained from joining with other young people in our training sessions.