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Leamington Spa Swimming Club
Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
Established In 1885
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Junior league final . Pool shirts

There is an opportunity for swimmers to have their Club Shirt embroidered / printed to mark the Junior League Final.

For swimmers who wish to add "2019" to a short already embroidered /printed with JL Finals 2017, the cost will be £2.50 for it be either printed vinyl / embroidered.

For swimmers who wish to arrange for their shirt robe printed with "JL Finals 2019", the cost will be £4.50 for it to be either printed vinyl /embroidered.

Many thanks to Clare Everest has volunteered to organise this. Can all shirts be handed to either Clare, Dana or Rachel by no later than 1st September 2019, to give sufficient time.

Can everyone please ensure any shirt has an named envelope attached, with the wording requested and cash payment.

Clare will then co-ordinate to ensure the shirts are back ready for the the Final


Sessions Cancelled

The following sessions are cancelled in August due to Croatia swim camp and coaches being on holiday.

D2 Sunday 18th- coach availability

P1/P2/P3/D1 Sunday 25th- Coach availability

P2/P3 Monday 26th- Bank Holiday

P1/P2 Tuesday 27th-Coach availability

P1/P2/P3/D1/D2 Wednesday 28th AM-Coach availability

P1/P3/D1 Wednesday 28th PM-Coach availability

A2 Friday 30th -Coach availability

A2 Saturday 31st-Coach availability

Note: On Friday 23rd D3 will swim 7.30pm-8.30pm.

Fridays - St Nicks Changing Rooms
We have been asked by the management of St Nicks to use where possible the group changing rooms. Pease do not use the disabled or baby changing cubicles. Swimmers may leave their belongings in the group changing only or use the lockers..  Thank you. 
Nutritional Presentation
Please click here to view a presentation by Jo Mainwaring, dietician
Team Galas

With immediate effect any swimmer that is selected to represent Leamington in a team gala will be expected to stay and support their team mates until after the last race.

This is now part of the criteria for team gala selection.

Long Term Development
Some interesting articles on how to be a supportive parent:
Article 1
Article 2