Injury Policy

Injury Policy

Swimming is one of the few sports where participants use most of the muscles within the body. Due to the supportive nature of water, it is also a sport which is often prescribed by the medical Profession for rehabilitation purposes. However L.S.A.S.C. is a competitive swimming club and swimming at this level places demands on the body. All swimmers should therefore be fully fit in order to train and compete at this level. This policy has been produced to set out the processes that will be followed where a swimmer sustains an injury and is unable to fully participate in training.

Procedure To Be Followed

  • A sports physiotherapist must be consulted within 7 days of the injury occurring.
  • The physiotherapist’s diagnosis and rehabilitation program must be given to the Head Coach.
  • If the Head Coach decides that it would be detrimental to the swimmer if they trained, they will not be allowed into the water.
  • No swimmer shall compete whilst in rehabilitation without agreement from Head Coach.

Our aim is to work with the physiotherapist to ensure the swimmer completes their rehabilitation and returns to Competitive training as soon as possible. The club recommend Louise Curly MSc (PAM) BSc (Hons) MCSP AACP ACPSM BAPAM Specialist MSK,sports & performing arts physiotherapist Louise

L.S.A.S.C. has a duty of care to all its swimmers. The duty of care extends from those swimmers who are injured to those that are fully fit and capable to train and compete.

Swimmers and Parents/Carers have a responsibility of ensuring adherence to this policy.