What do they do?

They manage the club’s major investments for the long term benefit of the club

Provide expert guidance and advice

·         They attend Executive meetings at their discretion but have no voting rights

Who are they?

Up to five highly experienced people, who have given long term service to the club, currently there are four - see profiles.  All are life members because of the service they have given to the club.

How do they benefit the club?

Over the years the club has benefited to the tune of over £40,000 from the funds managed by the Trustees – replacement trophies, coach’s fees and most recently the electronic timing equipment.

How can financial support from the Trustees be requested?

By application to the Trustees via the Committee, each request will be considered on its merits.

How are they elected?

At the AGM for a four year term, retiring trustees are eligible for re-election.


Leamington Spa Swimming Club was unusual in having its own club house and gym paid for from the fund raising effort of hundreds of members, parents and helpers over several years. To obtain support from the brewery it was necessary to have trustees who would stand surety in the event of financial problems.  Four people came forward to fulfil this requirement – the original Trustees.


In part due to the drink drive laws and mainly because of the closure of the pool in the Pump Room Gardens the club house became a financial liability.  With the support of the Council the lease and buildings were sold to the Jehovah’s  Witnesses.  The sale proceeds were significant and the club asked the Trustees to take on the task of managing the funds for the long term benefit of the club.  (The money was the result of the efforts of many people and should not be expended for the short term benefit of a few).

The funds have been invested and are disbursed to the club for approved projects – for the general long term benefit of the club and not for running expenses. The Trustees will continue to promote the best interests of the club.


Ken Dorset Chair – Past chairman with over thirty years involvement in the club and one of the original Trustees. He originally became involved with the club through his children and stayed on well after they retired acting as a starter at galas and was heavily involved in managing the club house.

Paul Welsh – Past chairman, Referee and teacher with over thirty years’ involvement in the club. His initial involvement was through his children, both of whom swam for the Club. He is a past President and member of the Warwickshire ASA executive as well as the county Masters Secretary. He also serves on the CSW committee and is a tutor for ASA judge and referee candidates.

Chris Tarrant – Has over thirty years involvement with the club, initially through his children. He manned the announcer’s microphone at galas for many years. Until July 2011 he managed the teaching sessions on Friday nights at Warwick and was the club representative on the West Midlands League for over twenty years.

Rachel Saysell – Rachel is one of the longest serving members on the current committee and was club secretary for two years before taking on the role of Chairperson in 2012. In addition, Rachel is also responsible for organising all of the home galas. Her daughter Sarah was a member of the Senior Performance squad but now both Sarah and Rachel are part of our teaching team.