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Leamington Spa Swimming Club
Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club
Established In 1885
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Parent meeting
We hope that those parents who were able to attend the meeting on Tuesday night found it useful. If you have any queries please e mail Graham or Dana. For parents who were not able to attend, a welcome pack will be available soon which will cover part of the evening and again please e mail with any queries. 
Nuneaton Entries

Please check your Nuneaton Entries If you have any errors please e mail Nuneaton entries by Sunday 21st October

Return of club gala trophies
In the hope of Newbold being ready for us to run galas in 2019, please can all club  gala trophies  be returned to any committee  member, as soon as possible. 
Payment for shop items
Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept cash or cheques for shop items and all items must be paid for online when ordering. Please use account ended 9268.
Nutritional Presentation
Please click here to view a presentation by Jo Mainwaring, dietician
Team Galas

With immediate effect any swimmer that is selected to represent Leamington in a team gala will be expected to stay and support their team mates until after the last race.

This is now part of the criteria for team gala selection.

Long Term Development
Some interesting articles on how to be a supportive parent:
Article 1
Article 2